BIOPOLIS, S.L. - Agri-food biotechnology
Agri-food biotechnology

BIOPOLIS, S.L. isolates and selects microorganisms, as well as performing the relevant functional and technological validation tests. We also develop and validate functional ingredients for the food industry.

Regular agri-food biotech services

  • Agri-food industry Agri-food industry
  • Energy Energy
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
  • Environment Environment
  • Chemical industry Chemical industry
  • Other Applications Other Applications
  • Isolation, selection and identification of microorganisms for industrial applications.
  • Production and purification of microorganisms and metabolites with application to human and animal food/feed and health.
  • Microbiological analysis and quality control.
  • R & D support services to the food industry.
  • Cell-culture assays.
  • Functional ingredient assessment in in vivo models.
  • Safe keeping of a collection of strains.
  • Analysis of microorganisms’ probiotic and inhibitory capacity.
  • Food-safety analysis: toxicity, genotoxicity, allergenicity, etc.
  • Aromatic compound characterization.
  • Fermentation process characterization.
  • Enzymatic characterization of different commercial enzyme preparations.
  • Wine-yeast design, optimization and production.
  • Assessment of ingredients’ antioxidant potential.
  • Studies of ingredients’ neuroprotective potential.
  • Study of anti-obesity ingredients.
  • Oxidative stress protection assays.
  • Functional assessment of ingredients and final products (food).
  • Functional assessment of by-products.
  • Functional trials of end products in C. elegans (food).
  • Generation of protein hydrolysates.
  • Identification of fungal isolates.
  • Improvement of final product organoleptic properties (food).
  • Nutrigenomic studies.
  • Purification of peptides and bioactive metabolites.
  • Screening of functional ingredients.
  • Selection of specific microorganisms (starter cultures).
  • Selection of probiotics plus functional and technological assessment.
  • Enzymatic treatment to improve digestibility of feed.
  • Recovery of industrial waste.
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