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Values and identity

Who are our clients?
Food industry
Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Cosmetic industry
Energy industry

Where are our clients?

What do we offer our clients?
Innovative biotech solutions, generating products and processes of excellence through the development and production of microorganisms and metabolites.

What advantages do our clients enjoy?
Know-how, products and processes of excellence, all of which confer a competitive advantage, greater profitability and efficiency.

What is our major asset?
Our greatest asset is our staff, their skills, knowledge and intellectual commitment, as well as their dedication and enthusiasm for their work.

What makes Biopolis special?
Our highly qualified multidisciplinary team, which provides innovative solutions.

What are the advantages of the way we work?
We offer our clients the best possible results both quickly and at an excellent quality-price ratio.

What do we offer our employees?
An environment in which they feel appreciated, where they can develop professionally improving their skills and acquiring the latest know-how so as to enhance both personal and professional growth.

What would we like our organization to stand for?
A benchmark of quality for our clients and competitors. Our shareholders’ best investment. The finest company our employees could work for. An icon of excellence in our field.

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