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Microbial Biotechnology

We select, design and improve microbial strains and bioprocesses for new product development and for novel ways of producing organic compounds for industry.

Bacterial polymers / bioplastics: upstream and downstream process development

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Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are polyesters of microbial origin marketed as bioplastics. These polymers are synthesized intracellularly by certain bacteria and may constitute 90% of their weight. PHAs are thermoplastics with similar properties to polyolefins, such as polyethylene or polypropylene, with the advantage of being biodegradable, renewable, completely compostable and biocompatible.

BIOPOLIS, S.L. develops improved PHA-manufacturing processes, making it more profitable and facilitating the use of PHAs in advanced materials:

  • Selection, improvement and validation of producing strains. Collaboration with expert groups and cession of biological material under MTA.
  • Production of specific composites for technological evaluation: medium-chain-length PHA, functionalized copolymers.
  • Design and optimization of fermentation processes. Establishing pilot scale extraction processes.
  • Evaluation of low-cost raw materials for use as substrates.
  • Provision of samples for R & D: analytical standards, determination of polymerase activity, biocompatibility assessment, composite formulation, post-biosynthesis chemical modification, characterization of mechanical, thermal and molecular properties.
  • Preparation of 3-R-hydroxyalkanoic acids by depolymerisation as chiral intermediates.
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