BIOPOLIS, S.L. - Genomics and transcriptomics

Genomics and transcriptomics

  • Lifesequencing S.L. is an affiliate of BIOPOLIS, S.L., specializing in genomic research and massive DNA sequencing:
  • Lifesequencing is the first company in Spain to use second generation sequencing technology.
  • Whole genome and DNA sequencing services are offered, using platforms providing long read lengths or high-throughput technology for short reads.
  • Its high-throughput systems are 10,000 times faster than conventional platforms, providing over 100 million bases in less than 10 hours with an accuracy of over 99%.
  • Global DNA sequencing analysis is provided, including subsequent bioinformatic analysis of the sequence data obtained.
  • Currently it has on-site 454 and Ion Torrent technology and access to other NGS platforms, such as Solid 4 and Solexa.
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